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Thread: The Town of Southrun: Made with Larb's Town Tutorial

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    Wip The Town of Southrun: Made with Larb's Town Tutorial

    I figured I'd give Calan Stonebridge a bit of a break for a moment (as he's currently locked in a dark hold in a ship being rocked by a violent storm.. ) and get back to work on my Kingdom of Shendenflar campaign setting. I've been reworking a lot of old maps of the kingdom over the last 2 years as I learn new techniques. I don't mind that most of the maps are different styles I really just want them to be at least consisent as far as quality goes. It's funny how for years and years I hand drew every map in that kingdom. Cities, towns, the entire kingdom hand drawn on varying sizes of plain paper. They weren't particularly good had drawings but they served their purpose. Now that I am really trying to get Shendenflar together for a possible pdf. I want to create the best maps for it that I can. I decided to make a map of the Town of Southrun. Southrun is a small town (population approx 200) along the banks of the Fler river. It's main function is to serve as a staging area for caravans going north and south. It is also (like most towns and villages along the river) a fishing town. It is a resupply point for the Wolves Fall Castle which is 40 miles East of the town as well. There is also a ferry from the capital city of Riverhewn which sits across the river from Southrun. As you can see there is quite a lot going on in this little town.
    All this brings me to the map. Southrun deserves a good map. I discovered Larb's excellent tutorial and have adapted it so I can follow it in GIMP. I have gotten all my roads and buildings laid out and also the river. This tutorial is so easy to follow I found myself actually enjoying drawing all the little lines on all the roofs. Next up will be trees hand drawn with a mouse. This should be interesting. As always feedback is requested and appreciated.

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