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Thread: WIP using RobA's GIMP Tutorial

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    Post WIP using RobA's GIMP Tutorial

    Okay... so the reason I'm here is because when I was searching the 'net for some tutorials on GIMP to help with my mapmaking, I happened across RobA's tutorial here on this site.

    So, here are a couple basic maps I've started using this tutorial. I've gotten to the ocean creation step, so I've got WIPs of that, as well as edges of the land masses.

    The ocean on my first round practicing

    The edge of the land mass

    The Ocean on my second round practicing

    The edge of the land mass

    Things I'm learning so far:
    1. This is fun!
    2. My poor laptop can barely handle this... the images are only 840x600 px but on the second one GIMP would hang up and not display the menus properly when I merge/wand selected a large area.
    3. I'm learning layer blend types and various kinds of filters and how useful they can be.

    One more thing... how do I post thumbnails like everyone else?
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