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    Wip Rpg World Map for Game

    Hey, im new here but ive seen some AWESOME work by some people here. Currently me and around 40 other people are working on a minecraft server thats suppose to branch off into something totally new. With that we want to look as professional as possible. Here is the website:
    This is the world map.

    Excuse me for not being too helpful but its hard to give the exact size, however the eastern continent will be roughly the size of.. Half of kalimdor if anyone has played world of warcraft XD.
    If you know minecraft terms its 15,000 by 15,000 wich is actually very large and very few have attempted such a large map before.
    I put Paid? because i am a college student and im at poverty level so depending on how it looks and the amount of time i can discuss some kind of payment to the artist.

    The reference i like the most was a mix between these:
    Picture 1 of 2 from The Continent of Time RPG
    But whatever would be fine =].
    Also sorry if this is a bit much to request but if you can make it a PSD that way i can personally place the wording and such since some of the places names might change.
    (just an extra request if someone is feeling up to the challenge, making city\village\dungeon\mining shaft markers for the map seperately, since itll be hard matching the look of the map if it comes from someone else)

    I know im asking a bit much, sorry! But me and my team are all trying our hardest to stick out amongst our community and anyone willing to help with this particular part would have my greatest thanks as well as providing a link to your portfolio to maybe bring more business as we are sponsored by a few companies =).
    As for the amount of money i cant really promise anything as money is kind of come and go for me so at the most i can pay around 20-30$ unless the person is willing to wait till we start getting money for the server.

    Anyway Thanks for being interested and thank you to anyone whos willing to help

    oh and P.S if your interested in reading more about what we actually do here is the full documentation (or almost full atleast) ..,,::;;Lands of Paroria;;::,,.. #1 Rpg Server Recruiting. 40 + Staff, 5 + Communities, Custom: Map\Hud\Gameplay. - Minecraft Forum
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