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Thread: Original Campaign World (d20 compatible with Pathfinder rule set)

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    Wip Original Campaign World (d20 compatible with Pathfinder rule set)

    This is essentially the 2nd layout/design the world has gone through. I've been working on this campaign setting on and off for roughly 8-9 years. All the previous maps I have done for this have been hand drawn. I've only made one attempt to scan a map in many years ago and play with it in photoshop but that file has long since disappeared. If there is any interest I will attempt to scan some previous versions of the world, however my main focus will be its current incarnation. I will be attempting to use Adobe Illustrator CS2 for my digital modifications. I pretty much have next to no experience with Illustrator. My Adobe experience mainly lies with Pagemaker.

    Anyway this is my intial scan stitched together in Illustrator. I had to break it into 6 different scans (and a couple re-scans to improve quality, mind you my scanner is probably as old as the campaign ;-P ) hence the ugly patchwork. This project took probably about 3-4 hours to get a good draft of where I want things to be (this includes making my own grid paper at work in excell... hehe). If you notice the faint grid lines, each section represents roughly 100 miles. Circumference at the equator is slightly greater than around the poles as is the Earth's. Total size of this world I would say is roughly between the size of Earth and Venus. So we set at a nice estimate of 12,200 miles around the equator and 5,900 miles from north pole to south pole. Forgive my heathen non-metric measurements ;-)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I think my first step with digital modifications will be to blend the 6 parts and redo some landmass outlines to make it look more like one piece of paper. Any initial thoughts, comments, constructive critiques are welcome.

    P.S. As I progress with this project I will also give some details into the world itself if there is interest in my ramblings.

    After post edit - I just noticed the section of the northwestern continent that got cut out. I'll get the hang of this scanning thing eventually.
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