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Thread: Novusvita - A sci-fi world with a political fantasy-esque feel; for a novel series

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    Wip Novusvita - World for a sci-fi novel series: The Peoples of Algol

    "Novusvita" is the primary setting of my current novel series "The Peoples of Algol". It is technically a science-fiction setting, given that it's an extrasolar planet with extraterrestrial inhabitants in a universe where real-world scientific laws account for (nearly) everything, but the natives' tech-level ranges from Roman to Middle-Eastern to Medieval to Steampunk so the feel is generally quite high fantasy-esque (Game of Thrones fantasy, really).

    The planet is in the (real-world) trinary Algol solar system. Given this, the seasons are quite drastic and are determined by the planet's location in relation with its stars. I haven't actually figured out the seasons exactly, but I imagine they could have quite an effect on the map (wiping out the ice caps during Summer and building them up again to vast expanses during Winter, perhaps even causing large fluctuations in sea level). I've been mapping the world for a really long time now and, though it's been slow-going, I intend to spend much time on it over the next few months/weeks.

    Originally I created the map by generating multiple worlds with Fractal Terrains, copying my favorite bits from each and then pasting them all together. I have yet to actually do anything to really make the map look good, instead drawing up many, many layers in GIMP to show nations, sea divisions, plate tectonics, etc, etc, etc. Very few of those layers actually fit into one another, though, so I intend most of them to lead to separate maps, which I'll post here.

    (PLEASE do not neglect to scroll down to the attachments. I would like your thoughts thereon.)

    Maps So Far (highly WIP. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE.)

    -The current coastal outline (minus the pole fix)

    -Rough topographical map (the oceans are the main thing that's got to change)

    -Tectonic maps:
    --A map showing all majour fault lines
    --Said map at both poles
    --A map showing only the borders of plate boundaries (I intended to add relative plate directions, but forgot...)

    -A map showing nations (info on said nations coming soon)
    --Said map shown at the poles

    -A map of both the north and south poles' coastlines, edited in GIMP (red dot = pole)

    Still to come...

    -Countries (not the same as nations. Will explain)
    -Cities and routes
    -Rivers and watershed
    -Ocean currents

    For the moment, the poles are my main concern. On the world map, they're pretty messed up at the moment. So, what I did was printscreen pics of both the North and South Pole in Fractal Terrains and then traced modified, non-pinched coastlines over them with GIMP. I then got a little carried away and decided to add glacial fjords like crazy. Now I'm not s sure if it looks realistic anymore.

    So first off, I'd like to know if the coastlines look realistic. Should I add more tiny islands at the fjord mouths? Should I remove some fjords? Should I make them smaller?

    Secondly, I have no idea how I'm going to apply these changes to my rectangular world map. If anyone could help me out with that, I would appreciate it greatly. (I imagine there might be some orb projection software that would allow you to paste an image on the surface of the orb, which would then automatically mold into any other projection (such as the orthographic rectangular projection). That's probably just wishful thinking, though.)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Outline.png 
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Name:	Rough Topography (Small).png 
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Name:	Tectonics Global.png 
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Name:	Tectonics N.png 
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Name:	Tectonics S.png 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Tectonics Global 2.png 
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Name:	Nations.png 
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Name:	Nations - Poles.png 
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Name:	Pole N.png 
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Name:	Pole S.png 
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