I am producing an independent MMORPG game and recently bought the World Builder Bundle to begin making some maps on my own.
Well....not something I'm going to learn to do overnight, so I thought I'd conjure up one of you skills folks to help.

Here are the details, and then I ask that you bid on the project in terms of what you would charge to create it.

The game will involved player owned land. Each land parcel will be 20x20 meters and we are planning 3,000 of these parcels for launch. These 3,000 20x20 meter parcels will be less than 1 3rd of the total land mass and will be distributed evenly amongst a total of 5 Climates (Zones).

Grass Lands
Desert Lands
Arctic Lands
Tropical Lands
Volcanic Lands

What I need is a world map to scale that will have a Sheet or Layer with a grid on it that will enable me to locate where players will be free to build cities, towns etc. The land should be separated into 5 regions with land conditions appropriate for the climate as explained above.

That's the basic idea. The map should also take into account as having 6 Islands that will house a large castle estate and 60 land parcels with an additional 30 parcels worth of available land for trees, mobs etc.

I look forward to examples of your previous work and your quotes.

Thank you

You may add me on Skype to discuss, jasonappleton77