Gellen Mallor felt as though he had been walking for a century, no make that a millennium. He wondered what came after that, and age perhaps? No matter he felt if he took one more step he would collapse and never move again. The party had been walking since the sun rose cold and distant in the gloomy grey sky. "Some marvelous adventure" he mumbled to himself. He had signed on to this expedition in hopes of a quick profit and a quick return to his favorite tavern and his favorite girls. That had been four months ago. Four long tiring achingly boring months. The first of those eternities spent on a crowded and decidedly uncomfortable ship crossing an endless sea. "We will explore a new land only recently discovered" were the words of the expedition leader. Mallor had no care for new worlds or the old one for that matter. He made his life off the toil of others. His way was the easy way the quick pilfer or well executed scam. Walking and working were not. This land held no treasure nor even any inhabitants that they had yet seen. He grumbled to himself once more that this was no place for a thief....

I really have no idea what this is. I know what is NOT, it is NOT a WIP of the Sea Ward of Stormhaven that I should be working on. It is NOT the next installment of the Adventures of Calan Stonebridge encounter map series. It is for lack of a better word a "digital" doodle. I was playing with clouds and textures and came up with this. I kind of see it as a little valley among a mountain and a large fairly wild forest. I liked it enough to post it and maybe some one can use it. I'll probably play with it some more as time allows. Feedback as always is welcomed and appreciated.

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