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    Default Hi

    I have an old account on this website but I figured now that I'm going to be taking map-making a little more seriously it might be time for a proper account (the old one also had a terrible username).

    I've made three world maps in the past. The first was created using Ascension's "Making a continent in Photoshop" tutorial and it turned out looking quite similar to the one in the tutorial. I made the second and third maps using the Saderan tutorial. The second one turned out looking a little ugly as I have no artistic flair at all (I struggled a lot with the parts of the tutorial that relied on intuition and drawing skills rather than following direct instructions). For the third map, I changed/ignored a few steps in the tutorial to create a safe but slightly uninspiring map (which I have attached below*).

    I'm here now to (hopefully) learn how to develop the map-making skills that I lack and ultimately improve.

    Seeing as this is an introduction thread, here's a bit about me: I live in Australia and follow both the AFL and the NHL (when it isn't in lockout!!). I love writing, playing and recording music. I play in a couple of bands and teach piano. I'm hoping to spend six months working in North America, at both a summer camp in the USA and in Canada (hopefully at a ski resort). My favourite television shows are Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Breaking Bad and Samurai Champloo.

    Thanks for having me :)

    *attachment didn't work, so I've uploaded it to Google Drive instead. You can download it here.
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