HI, all.

New to the forums.

A friend of mine is working on a story, and, since I am decent n Photoshop, he asked me to make a realistic looking map. I had never made such a map, so, of course, I searched for tips, and got many from this place.

After a while, he decided the map needed to be shaped different, and he now wants a parchment look to it. So I am currently working on that. But I had finished up the realistic map, which is now just sitting on my computer, doing me no good.

So, I am going to post it here, free to a good home, just credit me if you publish it in anything (not that it is necessarily good enough for that... ). Also, I am looking for constructive criticism on it. It is my first map, so I know it may not be top notch, so feel free to verbally tear it apart if it deserves it.

Click image for larger version. 

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The black box is covering the name of my friend's world.

When I have his current map completed, I will post that one as well.