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Thread: Please Help! I need multiple maps for a novel I am working on. Possibly Paid!

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    Help Please Help! I need multiple maps for a novel I am working on. Possibly Paid!

    Hello everyone! Like I said in my intro post, I am looking for some maps for a novel I am writing. Here is the template for requesting them!!

    [Paid?] Commission

    I cannot afford a large payment upfront. I can afford a small amount at completion (message or email me about rates). However, as the project progresses, more funds may become available. Also: If it becomes a published novel, you would still get full credit for the map as well as additional money.


    Generally, I need a world map (Consisting of a Pangaea-style continent with some lakes and at least one country-sized desert island in the ocean. Also, I would like a map of a fortified capital city surrounded by two rivers (think Tigris and Euphrates) with the inclusion of a Hanging Garden/Forbidden Palace area. (More details available if you take the job!) I also want a map of the country island (the country of origin of the main character).

    The scale of the map will vary by map.

    This seems like a tall order as I write it out. I apologize. But for what it counts, you will be allowed to use your creativity as much as you'd like, as well as be credited throughout the project, from the initial print to the (hopefully) published work.


    Style is up to the cartographer who takes the job. I do want it to look professional, but honestly any decent looking style is fine by me!

    Quality & Size

    Professional quality (Semi professional could be acceptable.)
    Size: I would like to print it for a wall map, but size is really negotiable. If nothing else, it needs to be full quality on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.

    Time Constraints

    It doesn't really matter, but the quicker the better.


    I'm not sure about full copyrights, because a lot of that would depend on the publisher, but you will be credited no matter what. Obviously, I would like to be able to reproduce your map, but not for profit until the novel becomes published. If you are interested in the job, feel free to talk to me more about copyright preference and I will do my absolute best to accommodate your requests.

    Contact Details

    Contact me here or by email at demarestj2apple (at) gmail (dot) com. Just make it an email address using "@" and "."

    Once again, if anyone wants to work with me, you will be a hero! I am awestruck by the amount of talent on this site and I am excited about the possibility of working with some of you!

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    I am really hoping someone can find the time to help me out!! It would be really appreciated.

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