Well, this is basically the second map that I've ever done and felt confident enough in it to share here (I'm quite shy when it comes to this sort of thing). I have done other maps before, but none that I've felt were even remotely pleasing to look at for myself. Basically this is a map that I've done for a close friend of mine for an island region that his character is the lord of in a Role Play (the names and placements of rivers/mountains/cities/castles were all done by him with a rough draft).

The Heraldic devices were all done by me, except the gauntlet holding a lightning bolt which my friend made in paint, although I turned it into the actual shape that you see on the map. The other four were created mostly on a whim. My friend told me what the families were like and the colours he wanted, and left the design and charges to me (although I know they don't exactly follow the rules of tincture, such as the one for Skyguard, where it is colour on colour which is a no-no, but this is a fantasy world so I figured I could bend the rules in that regard).

Obviously from the maps that I've seen here and on DeviantArt, I'm not the greatest at cartography, but it's something I've enjoyed and I want to get better at it, so I'm asking for a critique and some feedback on this map. I know there are certainly things that I can improve on with it, but if I could perhaps be pushed in a proper direction (since most of this is just feeling around for me), that would be awesome and most appreciated.

Thanks in advance to any who can give advice and feedback.