OK help me out here, using CS3 to do tear’s tutorial for the Saderan map (http://www.cartographersguild.com/tu...-tutorial.html). I want to be able to use a map outline I’ve created, not the filter/renders/clouds method as the first step in Tear’s tutorial. My steps.
1. Open my sketch in PS, this becomes my background layer
2. Create new layer(called base), use brush tool to draw over my land / water separation line.
3. Use paint bucket tool to fill water area black / use paint bucket tool to fill land area white. Both brush tool and layer are 100% opacity at this point ( I lose the view of background sketch).
4. Create the paint layer / layer adjustment / threshold sequence.
5. Paint water black / land mass white, I have to turn off the “base layer” to see my background sketch.
This doesn’t seem like I’m doing this right, as I lose where I've painted white at this point. How do you PS experts set something like this up?