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    So I've been out of the game for quite a while now due to various reasons but recently I managed to recover something of my mojo. Anyhoo, here is the finished version of a map I started a long time ago and was supposed to be a quick map I worked on when I needed a break from other stuff. :S

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, this is a magical land akin to Shangri-la or Brigadoon - an island adrift on the seas and charted on no map. Time and death have no meaning on the island - should death occur the victim would return to life the next dawn and be forever tied to the island, unable to leave. It is said that the island will continue to move through the seas of time until the three remaining warring kings (a fourth was treachorously betrayed and slain, thus cursing the land) put aside their claims and unite under a single monarch.

    The snatches of poem at the sides are meant to be from a longer poem that tells the tale of an expedition that ended up at the island and the problems they faced before some escaped. It is not sequential - the left side is from early in the poem and the right side is from near the end.

    I hope you enjoy it though personally I sure am glad to be done with it.

    Edit: As this was not a commission and was done with no aim other than producing a map I'm adding a cut down and unlabeled version for personal use. This is offered under creative commons and is for personal use only and not for commercial use.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Unknowne-Unlabeled.jpg 
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