Hello. First time posting, and so I figured I'd ask for some rudimentary help at the same time.

I'm making a Pen & Paper RPG that needs a world for the Regions & Cultures that the players pick for their characters to call home.
As such, I've set about making the second serious map I've ever attempted. I'm going to start on the world-scale, and then figure about where I think the crux of civilization would be. Then I will move in and make a more detailed map of that area, with descriptions of the 'far of lands.'

However, last night I started a map and decided I didn't like it. This morning, in retrospect, I decided I did like it. However, because I randomized the tectonic plates and their directions, I only have a concept of how it would have been laid out. So, I've bashed together this VERY rudimentary and ugly map to think it over. As the whole world will never be mapped in the rule book, it doesn't need to be 100% accurate, but I would like it to be semi-plausible within earth-like criteria.

I intend to do add a fair amount of detail, and do a serious amount of prettying up. I just didn't want to put too much time in to it and only realized latter that it has some sort of gigantic flaw.
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