Hi all,

I stumbled across the Cartographers' Guild a little while back for a project I'm working on and as the map-making side of it has become more and more important, I thought I'd finally take the plunge and join in.

While I'm a bit of a part-time writer (see here) and artist (stuff like this), the reason I got into maps was an idea I had called 'The Fantasyland Herald'. Basically, think Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings as told through a trashy news website.

The plan is to launch the Herald as a simple blog in the New Year and then scale things up if it proves popular. Right now, I've got some people together to start generating content and that includes something I think will end up core to the whole exercise - a map. And it'll probably end up being a ridiculously complex and detailed map with which I'll need lots of help (which is why I came looking for experts ), but this is what I've done so far on the islands where the Herald will be reporting from to begin with:

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