Morning folks!

I found out at 2am this morning (EST) that the site was down. I've been on a business trip, so my connectivity and availability has been very limited, but I did get a notification from the host that we were being moved from their usually unreliable and older west coast datacenter to their new and faster and more modern east coast datacenter. I figured it'd be a smooth transition because we're on a dedicated server, and it'd just be a matter of duplicating the server image from one physical box to another...but that ended up not being the case. Something went wrong and the site ended up getting moved BACK to shared hosting. This is of course NOT what we're paying for, and breaks all the great custom software that we've installed to make things run better around here.

I've temporarily disabled most of that software on the server side and it should at least allow the site to run, not great mind you, but at least somewhat in the shared environment.

The host has been made aware of their grievous mistake, and should be working to get us back where we belong. So if you're able to read this, then great, but there may be additional downtime and periods of slowness.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and things should be back to normal today hopefully. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves...I'm going to try and catch a few more winks before they call me back. I'll check back in the morning.