Hey there,

I thought I'd give an early peak on where my returning mapping drive is taking me. This is mainly Perdon, an important country in my land of Vaniya...

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This is my second attempt at mapping this region. I once started a version in the same style as the Aronbor regional but I lost interest/had no time and so it got shelved. I decided to dust it off and remake it in an updated style. I'm aiming for a vibrant look that is quite removed from its western counterpart.

I've redrawn everything - coastline, mountains, hills, trees etc.

The labels on it, however, are a throwback to the previous version so feel free to discount them as I haven't adjusted them at all.

I'm actually quite surprised at how well the elements on the map have lined up as I really didn't think I was that slavish to what was already there.