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Thread: Back in the Swing?

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    Default Back in the Swing?

    I just got my internet back after the move, and was wondering if December is going to have a competition? Its been nearly 3 months since Ive had a solid connection and am just trying to get back up to speed!

    also, how would one go about uploading a GIANT MAP... and if anyone has any sort of way that they know of to get a 16000 pxl bx 16000 pxl resolution file 300dpi down to something manageable as a download file but keep the map as large as possible in digital size... this is because it will be the base for a mmorpg and the scale of the world, depends on this map.

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    ...was wondering if December is going to have a competition?
    Was kind of wondering that myself. With five days for voting, that only leaves less than three weeks.

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