Hi all,

so I'm working on a map of a large island/mini-continent set in the middle of my world's largest inland sea. I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out what level of detail to use in depicting the rivers though. There are a handful of large rivers feeding into the sea, and several smaller rivers feeding some large lakes. Should I show all of them? Or is the map too crowded?

The important ones to show would I think be (on the landmass at left) the river at upper left, the one below it, the one at bottom left, and (on the continent) the one at top, the one to the left of the mountains, the bottom horizontal river, and the one with the oxbow lake. I'm uncertain about the others - do I need to show the water source for every lake?

The attached map is just a VERY basic sketch, copied from my working map, which has a bit more detail but is all in layers at the moment. For scale, the island-continent is about 12 degrees north-to-south.

Any thoughts/advice would be welcome. Thanks!

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