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    Howdy everyone. I just joined because I am a fantasy/sci-fi rpg nerd. But before that I have always been enthralled by maps. As a kid when my family was driving across the US in our camper I would just stare at the road maps and I guess I would wonder what "such and such" town was like or what the local flora and fauna were like in an area. I guess I just have wanderlust. Anyway, cartography is awesome even though my siblings make fun of me and call me Buster/Mother-boy because of my love of maps like the character from Arrested Development. Remember, the blue part of the map is land. Nice to meet you all.

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    Wow, they called you "Buster"? What an odd comparison to make. Anyway, welcome to the Guild. No one here will criticize you for your fine taste in maps.


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