How is everybody? Good? You doing good? Alright. My name is Chris. I would say I'm a cartography enthusiast. I collect fictional maps whenever I get the chance, I've been drawing maps for my own worlds since I was a kid, even going as far as assigning regions, resource values, and the general population of the area along with town, cities, villages and the like. My maps were never really any good. Then I discovered the beauty of Photoshop and created a few maps of my own before I realized I needed to further my skills to create better maps. I took a few classes, but sadly I wasn't able to take the lessons I learned and apply them to my own work, so here I am now. I came to this site in the hopes of learning to create maps that aren't photorealistic, at least not yet, but maps that are at least noteworthy. I hope I can find what I'm looking for here in the guild, and if you feel the desire to map out my way to tutorials you think might help me, I'd much appreciate it.