I truthfully don't know if one exists. What I am looking for is a dungeon map generator that doesn't look bad. The Skeleton key games map generator was perfect, but was taken down because of copywrite. I have seen Dizzy Dragons generator, and other geomorph style map generators, and am impressed, but don't know how to save that particular map style. Like I said earlier I don't know if theres anything that tops Dizzy Dragons generator.

If there isn't anything, is there a good quality dungeon map maker, that is both. 1 Easy to use for a first time mapper, and 2 Doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I am just starting map making, and advanced interfaces and controls are really hard to grasp. I have a problem with being patient and I know that map making requires it.

Like I said earlier I don't think anything exists that is on par with what I wish. I want to ask the pros though before I give up entirely. If any one knows of any thing please let me know. Thanks guys