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    Default Finally i found you!

    When i saw this site i was so excited, so many tutorials, so many maps, i searched for a site like this for long time, and finally i found it
    I'm a master of d&d, pathfinder and many other games and i always had problem searching materials for my games so for my last campaign i'm working on, i decide to start create something mine (like the maps, encounters, race presentation)

    i start working with gimp and then i move on photoshop (i found it more user friendly) and yesterday i finished my first map!

    I will open my personal wip thread where i will put all my works so please follow me 'cause i feel really unskilled but learning really quick

    anyway thanks in advice and HI ALL!

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    oh, i'm sorry if my english sometimes sucks, i'm italian so please have patience

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    Welcome to the guild!
    My finished maps

    Mapping Worlds (My blog about mapping)

    Imaginary maps (My facbook page devoted to mapping)

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    thanks dont miss my wip thred, it already have one finished map!!

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