Hello CG! My name is Thrum. I've been interested in fantasy mapping for quite some time now, and have been fascinated by maps of all sorts ever since I was a child. I only recently started drawing my own maps and finished my first (rough'ish) one just this morning. I only draw by hand, at least so far, with no computer entering the process at any point. From what I've gathered, this site mostly focuses on computer assisted mapping, but I have also seen a fair representation of "by hand" mappers. My first map is currently out to be scanned, but I should have the file back in a couple of hours.

So far, I am pretty much directly emulating Tolkien style maps, as I have loved them since I was old enough to read. I fully intend to branch out and stretch my mapping wings as time goes on, however, but will likely always stick to the sort of "old school, ink and paper" map style.

Looking forward to many informative hours spent on this forum!