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Thread: Tolkien Inspired Hand Drawn Map (WIP)

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    Wip Tolkien Inspired Hand Drawn Map (WIP)

    So here is my first "finished draft" of a part of an as-yet-unnamed world. I am hugely inspired by and enamored with Tolkien style maps, and I think it is pretty clear that I am emulating this style. This is the first map I've ever drawn like this, at least in any sort of serious way. It took maybe four or five hours of work over a couple of days to finish this draft.

    The medium is plain ol' number two pencil on a sketch pad. I then scanned in it, did a bit of cleaning up of eraser smudges, and applied a parchment'ish texture to it. The texture was more of an experiment than anything, and I'm not entirely happy with it, but I still think it looks pretty neat.

    A bit of preliminary information about the world, for those so inclined:

    I envision this as a definite high fantasy world, full of magic, wizards, and the like, also plenty of rudimentary manual technology, although nothing akin to electricity or combustion engines. To the north east is the great desert Thrum (inspiration for my user name), and Zosha, a small settlement at the easternmost tip of the Lost Mountains. Heading south we see Trysis Peaks, which is known as "The Three Sisters" by the locals of Longshore. Far to the west, we have The Dead Fields. This is the site of an ancient battle, which locals insist is still haunted by the spirits of the fallen.

    My eventual plan for this map is to expand on it and draw it out on a large'ish sheet of thick paper, maybe watercolor paper, and ink in some splashes of color here and there. I also intend to include a border, title block, legend and so on.

    I would love any critique or suggestions that anyone may have!
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