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    Hey all, I've been around the site for a month or two reading and looking. I'm interested in creating a fictional fantasy world for myself and have found that the maps I tend to enjoy are the ones created in photoshop on here. I'm open to any suggestions/tips that anyone would be willing to pass on. I've used fractural mapping (or whatever it was called) and Campaign Cartographer 3 but they just aren't up to par imo.

    Ideally I'd like to start with a large small scaled world map (but not the ones with the two seperate circles) with my idea being something like you'd see in Final Fantasy 1 if you opened the big map with select B. Eventually I'd make region maps and even town maps. This is all for a novel I've been planning for years but never wrote.

    Anyways i love the guild, the site, and hope to see more and more of all your work. One last thing, what is with the "server busy" thing I get all the time, (especially in the mornings EST). Driving me crazy because I have a week off, got a penpad for xmas (to start) and want to get a solid start this week.

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    Welcome to the Guidl TFM (just watched that movie recently). There are a few CC3 tutorials here, though not many. Spend some time digging through the tutorials section and you should find them. It may also be worth your time to pick up GIMP, since it's free, and see what you can do with it. Don't know what the deal the server is.


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