Hey all, I've been around the site for a month or two reading and looking. I'm interested in creating a fictional fantasy world for myself and have found that the maps I tend to enjoy are the ones created in photoshop on here. I'm open to any suggestions/tips that anyone would be willing to pass on. I've used fractural mapping (or whatever it was called) and Campaign Cartographer 3 but they just aren't up to par imo.

Ideally I'd like to start with a large small scaled world map (but not the ones with the two seperate circles) with my idea being something like you'd see in Final Fantasy 1 if you opened the big map with select B. Eventually I'd make region maps and even town maps. This is all for a novel I've been planning for years but never wrote.

Anyways i love the guild, the site, and hope to see more and more of all your work. One last thing, what is with the "server busy" thing I get all the time, (especially in the mornings EST). Driving me crazy because I have a week off, got a penpad for xmas (to start) and want to get a solid start this week.