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Thread: my first map and my first time using photoshop (not so bad at all!)

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    Map my first map and my first time using photoshop (not so bad at all!)

    i tought was more difficult but with yours amazing tutorials i'm learning every day so many new things!!!
    starting from pyrandon's tutorial on city maps this is my first finished work (thanks to the author of border map too)

    it's a secret village where an important old man is hidden from years, i dont know if its easy to understand, the village is built inside rocks hidden from outside and if u look well, north and south ther's 2 secret roads

    please take a look and tell me whatever you think (good or bad, advice or insult )

    now working on a continent map, and then i will try some dungeon map on CC3 for my next fantasy word of darkness campaign with map tool

    (so many work to do!!)

    anyway i just realized that i love photoshop and i'm so lame i just started now using it
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    maybe this is a little bit off topic in this forum but i seek advice on these too, presentation of races for my campaign, please let me know if its wrong and i will remove this images.

    Here i tryed to figure handmade works on parchments, something old but i need some advice on how to make it MORE old and used (a lot aged... more ruined)

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    Somewhere in the tutorials forum there's a post by… RobA, I think, on making distressed parchment with Gimp. It's easily replicated in Photoshop. A big part of it is using a grunge brush to paint on a mask over your images to make them look like parts of the vellum have flaked away. Also, I'd suggest you give your ink a red-brown tint—not too much, just enough to make it ink rather than very finely-pointed graphite. Speaking of which, those images, while beautiful, may be a bit too finely detailed to be plausible as ink on parchment.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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