Hello, all!

I am the Reverend Bruce Perry (though I'm not so formal as to have anyone call me anything but Bruce). I've been fascinated with maps my entire life. Atlases, geographical, political, historical maps...even down to city maps and floorplans. And as a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, of course I was always drawn to the adventure maps--I could never get enough of those! And that is what brings me to why I've come here.

I'm currently involved in slowly breathing life into a fantasy project that has been with me for over two decades. Circumstances--either external or internal--kept me from focusing where and when I needed to for far too long, and I have finally buckled down and have made the promise to myself to see this project through to the end. A fantasy saga awaits to be committed to paper. But as I am detail-oriented, a term that doesn't even begin to describe how obsessive I am with my world, I need to have everything in place before the story begins. Or at least a significant portion of the detail.

Needless to say, I have mapped out my world. Well, at least in the most basic sense of the word. What I would like to do while here is make a few contacts, befriend a few people who are enthusiasts like myself, and perhaps learn a thing or two. I want to learn how to flesh out my world and give it texture and character. The cast of my story has been itching to get out of my head for many years, and I want very much to put them in a world that's as detailed as they are.

This is a journey I'm looking forward to, and I hope to pick up some companions along the way.