So! The Shattered Lands, a free online community 4e campaign setting (a real mouthful) needs artists. Badly!

My mapmaking skills are somewhat subpar for the job, not to mention anyone with more than a passing knowledge of Quark will be able to put together pdf files that far surpass mine in quality.

Anyway, point being, if there are any mapmakers or artists who don't mind not getting paid and licensing their work under the Creative Commons (but perhaps becoming part of a large-scale community campaign effort) please, come on over to the Shattered Lands Forums or Website and check dis stuff out!

Link (Forum)
Link (Website)

For quick reference: Mission Statement ahoy!
*Content will be freely available online (this includes any & all sourcebooks, altered character sheets, campaign additions, maps, D&DI adventures, normal adventures, novellas, literature, and rules alterations) -- everything will be free. Any donations will be voluntary, not compulsory.

*Content will be informed by the community - this one is a bit more complex. I hope to include community input in the form of art or approved content as well as, eventually, to allow DMs to submit summaries of their parties' adventures to be included in official lore (again, with approval)

*Content will be updated -- the site will not stagnate and die after the first few releases.

*Groupfinding is a must -- people can come to the Shattered Lands community to find a DM or players; DMs may obtain official Shattered Lands sanctions (seals of approval from the Creator)

*Shattered Lands Approval Sanctions -- a seal approving any 3rd party content will be issued if it is Shattered Lands canon. If it isn't, it can still be used with the knowledge that it does not affect the Shattered Lands world nor can any game in which the non-sanctioned material be used be viable for submission as lore.

Campaign Goals:

*The setting will utilize the new system, not fight it -- While rules changes will be necessary to customize the Shattered Lands, for the most part the rules will be embraced and not "worked around". The setting is designed with the rules IN MIND.

*The setting is OLD -- you normally get a genesis story as the first bit of campaign work. Not so with the Shattered Lands. Seriously, we have no idea where stuff came from. Ask the Dragons, if you can find any.

*The cosmology is NONSTANDARD -- neither Great Wheel nor vanilla 4e cosmology applies

*Everything will be CUSTOMIZED -- races will be customized. Classes and paragon paths will be customized. Gods and spells will be customized. Yeah, baby.