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    I present you the new port of Mesan, which is situated in the east of this island.
    Its famous for the pink samon, which travel up the Trone River in northern district (not shown). The chefs of the many restaurants in town have created some very tasty menus, and when eaten at one of the restaurants down at the port, you even can forget the often windy weather. The temperature seldom climbs up to 20 degrees, but thanks to the location in the eastern bay of Camoa, its port is never covered with ice (Last time was A.D. 1623, when the whole bay was covered with thick ice - one could even ice-skate on it!!).
    Beside the tasty menus and the pitoresque houses, the city of Mesan is also well known for their knifes and blades - forging at it's highest! the Kerk-factory (no.8 ) is the latest step in developing the old technics of forging. The blades and the trading with the metals from the nearby mountains brought the city of Mesan prosperity - the old Alran-Mesan family were the richest of the whole Island.
    Mesan is also a centre of Religion. The Marchands brought Christianity from Europe in the early 11th century, and the Aronura Church (No.1) on top of the little hill in the west is a impresive and magnificent building. The Morusan Chapel (No.2) is much much smaller but its an old wooden chapel, and it has enormous carvings inside.

    I drew this little map with pencil on paper, then scaned it and colored it in photoshop. It took about 3-4 hours and was really fun to make, hope you enjoy it too!!

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    another district of mesan.

    in Camoa, Christianity isn't very common, only in the bigger cities. The religion in the country is a very old, nature near religion. They have many gods, one of them is Keronu, the god of the sea. Since the Mesanese are seamen, they still respect Keronu, even if they are christians. So it's no wonder that the one of the biggest streets(no.9), the beautiful Quai (no.8 ) and the square with a small temple/column(no.2) are named after him. The Keronu-quarter is the quarter of the marchands. A lot of stores with exquisite food or textiles from far away like coffee or silk. And if you get tired of the shopping, there is the small but quiet Ansan-Park (no.4) where you can sit and relaxe.
    The Mesan Universtity (no.6) is quite new. Situated on top of one of the many smaller hills in Mesan, its stands out of the noisy Keronu-quarter, and its peaceful and quiet parc is perfect for going for a walk.
    For traveller, who love the sea, i recommend the Marona-Hotel (no.3). It has a lovely view over the whole western bay of Camoa. Sadly, the Kerk-factory (no.10) is build pretty close, so the garden isn't as quiet as some years ago. But it's still one of the top Hotels in Mesan.

    Just like the other map I drew this one on paper, scanned it and colored it in photoshop. 3-4 hours.
    I probably will adding some more over time...

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