So we have the thread for listing all the software people are familiar with, I thought it would be interesting to get a rough idea of who has what areas of expertise or interest relevant to Cartography and Geography.

I think I've gotten a reasonable break down with these:

Graphic Design - Typography, layout, advertising
Visual Arts - Painting, drawing, 3D modeling.
Writing - Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, editing
Gaming/Minis - RPGs, board games, war games, model railroads
Math and Computer Science - Geometry, Programming, Statistics
General Geography - GIS, Geodesy, Geomatics, Geostatistics, Remote Sensing, Real Cartography
Physical Sciences - Geology, Ecology, Climatology
Social Sciences - Linguistics, Sociology, Economics, Anthropology
Engineering/CAD - Civil engineering, Surveying, City Planning
Other - Not obvious but still map related

As for a threshold for how experienced or interested you have to be in an area. I figure a reasonable rule of thumb is that if you have more than 4 categories, it might be a good idea think about setting a higher bar (although it's not a requirement). You can clarify or mention lesser areas of interest in a reply.