My family has recently gotten into paddling, with a couple of kayaks and a canoe. My 16-year-old son is the most gung-ho, willing to join me on longer expeditions than the rest of my crew. Some of the minor rivers and creeks hereabouts turn into a mixture of hiking AND paddling... trees down across the stream, shallow bits, mud. But the two of us tackled a nice long stretch that was all water, no walk, a couple of months ago. On the downside it was all flat water - my son would of course prefer rapids. Still, there were features one could map...

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... that's a start anyway. The Tennessee River half of the trip had plenty of water of course, but also rather more traffic than the Flint. Maybe I'll add some wake-V's to show that. When one is in a kayak, even modest wakes are cause for concern.