Alright, so this one is not as grand as my last project. It's really the same thing. Pencil (I overlayed some of the pencil with pen this time ) with labels done in GIMP.
It's nothing special. Took two days to make, and I'm happy enough with it...

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A quick low-down of what's going on here, because people asked about the back-story on the last map: The rupee shaped things are "sources." Magic originates from these sources, which are the hearts of dragons past. Because of the elemental nature of dragons, the magic that they create is also elemental. However, there was a great catastrophe. When the last dragon died, so did many of the dragon hearts' power. With the dragon gone, a mysterious source of power drained the power from them one by one.
What you see here is the last remaining area in all of Morus, the continent which consisted of over half of the landmass of the world.
Arlyn houses the Frostsource. It is the grandest and most defended of the dragon hearts. The lake Pyrros mysteriously appeared when the Firesource was dropped in the Corentin valley. The Corentin Mountains house the Lightsource, along with the myriad cities built among the clouds. The Lightsource protects them from suffocation at such high altitudes. In the Nasrin Plains the Primalsource is found among the various plains tribes. On the island Lokkim the Chaossource is located among only the few who would dare attempt to wield its entropic magic.
The Great Crater is where the first dragon crash landed in Morus. And that dragon heart within Darkain Forest? That's the one thing I'll keep secret.

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