Hi all,

I'm currently looking at designing a few Custom Blood Bowl dugouts for my teams in the Mininature game Blood Bowl. If you are not familiar with the game that doesn't really matter. It is basically a minor dungeon with a couple of rooms to place your players in when they are not on the actual board of the game. It looks someting like this, but I want to make mine much more custom. You can probably google around a bit and find some other examples.

My first though was to make something in gimp, but alas my gimp skills are not good enough so it is very time consuming. From my old RPG days I remembered that there were a lot of map maping software that had a lot of textures and could make dungeons like this quite easily. I don't remember any of their names though. Tried to find them through google but found this forum instead. You guys probably know of a software that can be used to do something like this quite easy. I am looking for a software that you can then export so I can do the finishing touches and customization in gimp. TYhe resolution needs to be good enough so that you can print the result using a high resolution printer and get at least a decent result.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.