And well met at that. Love the site.

I also thought I'd post a few maps I've made and one WIP. Be Warned. I'm still learning and not very good at all yet.

This is my first map. I forget which brushes I used but I grabbed them from deviant art. Sorry to the poeple who wanted me to credit them If you message me I will Credit you.
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Overall I'm happy with how it turned out. Looking at it now though the text is just wrong.

My Second map is much much simpler, mostly because I just needed to do something quick for a D&D campaign I was running. I made it in about two hours.
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I strongly dislike this one but It got the job done.

Lastly is my WIP and I am so lost right now. First one I've tried with Color and I'm certain I'm doing it all wrong.

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Note: Ignore Village markers.