Hi all.

Been sick in bed for the past week and, though I should have been writing (finishing off the first draft of my novel...) I've found myself looking at my Conworld (Elyden) and wondering what i can do with the regions of the world I'm no that familiar with. Long story short, ?I've spent the last 8-years-or-so creating the world of Elyden (histories, languages, mythologies, climates, etc.). This has resulted in dozens of short stories (most unpublishd), some novelas and plenty of unfinished novels as well as a 500,000+ word encyclopedia for my perusal, all detailing different aspects of the world.

So far the majority of my attentions have been absorbed by the so-called Empire of Korachan (later sundered into two: the High-empire of Korachan in the north and the Reaffirmed Empire of Sarastro in the south), though I've decided now to spend some time in the so-called hinterlands of the east. To anyone interested in my 'complete' map of Korachan and the Inner Sea can check out these threads: here and here; as well as an older W.I.P here.

This is a W.I.P tracking the progress of my attempts at fleshing out the lands east of the Korachani empire. The below map is a very low-res version (anyone who's seen the Korachani map will know I like working at high res ) mock-up of what i imagine the final product will look like. This may take a while to get off the ground as I only have a reasonable idea of what encompasses the western-most of the two continents detailed here (a dry-temperate and arid land populated by a diapsora of people from more southern lands. I'm thinking a major nation [Tethysia, to anyone interested], an advanced nation of dark-skinned people, sort of a cross between renaissance europe and ancient egypt, with some archaic steampunk elements) - the eastern-most one is a big blank canvas: very exciting as i love coming up with names and histories (though myth does describe it as the birthplace of earth-magic. At least I have the graticules and climate bands to guide me now...

The projection is equidistant conic, with quite a bit of distortion, particularly around the north pole and lands south of the equator, though I wanted to keep it in a similar format to the other map, not just style. The scale is smaller than the previous map (ie: there is much more land covered in an identically-sized map).

C&C welcome as well as suggestions

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