Starting from a premise of two lazy and opposed creator deities (which came about when we were waiting for a D&D game to start with a friend), I came up with a pretty simple looking world. I've decided to run with the silliness and see where it takes me. The world also has no name, yet, but Lazyworld is sillier and more fun sounding than some-or-other variation on "Oerd" or "Deurt".

1) First I sketched out a rough map of the world. Yes. It looks silly.

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2) I scanned the map, cleaned it up and put it into simplified vectors (without curves), to give me a globe that I could use for future projections & close-ups of regions--should I want that.

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Now, I've done a rough height-map, added polar caps and so forth. I'm keeping the whole vector thing rough because, at this point, I don't even have much detail done - so why bother with a very detailed map? Surprisingly, the silly looking half-land, half-water map has started to look quite interesting (to me) on a globe ...