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    Hello, thanks for reading this!

    I am attempting to map out a world for a story, but I can't start the story until I have a fully fleshed out map to look at. At the moment, I have the general shape and size of the continent, but I am a novice in such matters and would greatly appreciate the input of whoever would be kind enough to take on my request.

    I know where a dozen key places will be, but am unsure the logistics of 'creating a world' on a map. Basically I don't know the BEST places to place rives, lakes, small villages/towns, tiny bridges, some mountains/hills, etc. And scope is lost on me. The bottom of what i foolishly threw together on gimp after an hour seems too tiny compared to other parts, etc.

    Pm me for the basic layout of the map I've created so far.

    Examples of types of map styles I'd love:
    The Khanate of Montray by ~Chanimur on deviantART
    Kargath Map 2.0 by ~Wally-D-Feed on deviantART

    Anyways, I feel as though I've explained this horribly. All of the cities/keeps and towns etc. will have names. Most already do/I have written down. A ton don't. If you're interested let me know! I don't have five posts though so I can't use the pm system on the site. But I'll check this topic =)

    If you are an epic map maker and want to create the map of my world for me that would be wonderful! Even if some of the places don't have names, you could just leave markers there, etc. and I'd name them later and that could be added in.

    I titled the prefix [other] because I am extremely poor and not sure I could afford a map. But I could offer 800 points on deviant art, if you use deviant art!
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