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    Wip Faelonia


    Here is a work in progress of an Atlas-Style political map of an western european-sized continent named Faelonia. There are four main cultures. A nordic-ish (mostly based on swedish names) culture to the west, Sjalland and Riddare, A french-like culture comprised of Lyrarnion and Ormont, English-based countries, Ferona, Manchain and Atland, and finally, a latin-based (went for the roman look) culture, Escia, Crantium, Euphene, Eresum and Ybica. (Note that I do not speak Latin. There might be mistakes here and there.)

    As I expect to base some of my writings on this map, the different cultures will help me not get bored by being able to write different stories based on different cultures.

    I still have to name some more cities, and I want to add some more landmarks, mostly human-built ones, but have no ideas. Maybe airports, ruins or something like that. I haven't decided on the period yet, except that railways do exist. I might go for something steampunk.
    I might also add some basic information on the nations, like flags and stats.

    Please comment and critique!
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