Hello cartographers!

I'm a new arrival to the forum, and there's some absolutely amazing work here...which has given me a lot of ideas for the Forgotten Realms campaign I'm running.

I'm wondering if its possible, should anyone have the time or interest, I'm looking to have a small map created of Yaulazna, Bay of Pirates, which is a small pirate hamlet off the coast of Halruaa, if anyone is familiar with the FR campaign setting. Its a unique place in the sense that half of it is on land, the other half on the water, which is made of wrecked ships lashed together in a sort of floating shanty town. A fuller description of the area can be found at the following link (need to scroll down):

Cities and Sites of Halruaa

Ideally, I'm looking for a small, coloured map of the small village, without a legend. My players are on their way to this location and I'd like to have something special for them when they arrive; this is one of the locations in my campaign that I'm really trying to bring to life with characters, plots, ideas, and of course, a good map. I'm looking at about 2-3 weeks before the players arrive at this location.

If this request is of interest to anyone, I would be extremely grateful for any assistance. If not, thank you kindly for reading my request, and please continue the great maps you guys make!

Thank you for your time,