We are running behind again so in an effort to allow everyone to catch up and end this one on time so we can hopefully get set for February...

Create a map based on "Ruin".
Perhaps a destroyed planet, a fallen castle, a burned out city or ancient archeological dig or even floating wreckage, whatever you can come up with. It can be real or fantastic.

The challenge will close on or around the 29th of the month (that's just the goal) to allow voting to take place and start the next one on time.

Please post your entry on a new thread and follow the naming convention set out in the contest rules (or just refer to previous entries in the archives to see how it's done).
Remember to include your ### tag information so your entry will be included on the thumbnails for the competition (see the rules thread or visit the archived challenges to see how it's done).

I figure since it's "Ruin" even an incomplete map should be able to pass if it's done right.

Have fun!