Project scope

7 maps, 1 world map ( only requires half of the planet surface ) and 6 "zoomed in" views of the relevant islands. (i have exact details via planet size, island size, distance between islands, general terrain of the islands. details can be given upon taking up this request, level of details too exact to post in the forum. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience) I have somewhat of a clear image of what I want, I am just incapable of transferring my ideas to paper/digital image. Would be most gracious of whomever takes up this request.


Pre-technological era.

Map details

What map details I would like, aside from those I will give to whomever takes up this "challenge", would include;

I have not implemented any rivers, mountains, or forests or anything of the sort. In the description I will give at a later time, you will find 6 islands, all of different terrain. one island primarily a dessert, one a tropical island, one ridden with volcanoes, one composed of primarily ice, One of fertile soils and rolling hills and one that will relate to each of these islands in part.

The details i provide will show the size of the planet, each island, the distance each island is from its neighbouring islands, the location of each island on the planet (mostly in relation to the north/south poles), if it helps i can also provide astrological information, so far as distance from the star, type of star, number of moons, distance of each moon from the planet, how long it takes for all the moons to eclipse, number of planets in the solar system and which planet in relation to the star this one is.

No colour, black and white map is perfect.


I would like it to be fairly professional.

Copyright: I would like the copyrights to these maps. The artist can use these as part of their portfolio but not for commercial gain. These maps are meant for personal use, as I am asking for additional input into the design (via mountains, rivers, lakes, etc...) if ever used for commercial use, I welcome the idea of giving a percentage of the income gained. I do not foresee and profit being made as this is primarily designed for a home RPG.

Time constraints

No real rush, the sooner the better so i can actively start running this campaign. I would like for it to be done by the end of april if possible.


Not exactly rolling in the wealth, but after assessing the scope of this project, I welcome any estimates on the value placed on it. Payment will be made via paypal. all other payment details to be discussed at a later time.

Contact info:

If i have missed any information that is required, or you wish to accept my "challenge", please contact me at:

Mike King

Please use the subject line: "DD Maps"

Thank you for your time and consideration!