I am looking to commission someone to make full continents and individual zone maps. I have done some very amateur work on 3 of the 20 zones and combined those zones onto the continent map, however all of this work was done in Photoshop and because of that it is very slow and probably not the best tool to use.

I would like the maps to all be generated in a legitimate mapping software tool with a consistent look and feel. Eventually there will need to be additional continents made, but for now this one needs to be re-done/completed. I can provide all the current map data I created to help redo the three zones and I can provide you the necessary information to help you complete the remaining zones.

I am not sure if this is relevant but once the base maps are completed, I would then like to be able to create height maps (Phase II) so that they can ultimately be translated into a 3D virtual world.

All work done will become my exclusive property, however any and all credit will belong to you and will be published to that respect. If you are interested please let me know ASAP, I will likely want to see a few examples of your work for style and appearance.