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    Post Landing.

    Hello- I'm Andrew. I usually go by Majere. Hence the username. I'm really new into Fantasy Cartography. I have a major idea in my mind I want to put on paper. I actually did ... But a recent move and small house fire took care of that for me. I'm glad about it /sarcasm.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!!!
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    Thank you, I can't wait to Work my way up and be a functioning member of the guild!

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    Welcome to the Guild Majere, so sorry to here about the fire. I hope all of your loved ones are all right, and that not too much was lost (besides your map). I've heard several horror stories of people losing all of their work on a map due to some mishap or another, usually technical, but a house fire takes the cake.


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    the only that was lost was the original Map- And to my surprise, My sister found a copy on her computer! its in the Regional maps section now. Other than that the fire only helped us by getting rid of unwanted kitchen clutter. Lol

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    Thank goodness for your hacker sister

    Welcome aboard and we look forward to having you as a functioning member!
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    Thank you very much. Everyone seems soo nice.

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