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    Wip Requious WIP

    Requious WIP- A fantasy world I started a long time ago. I talked about it in my intro, about how I lost my original. I FOUND IT. Now that's out of the way, Lets get the map out and start tearing it apart. I know the rivers are wrong, I didn't have this place then, and had no Idea what I was doing. Here it is.
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    Do I need to shrink the File? Is it hard to see? I did it all by hand And didn't want to loose any detail while scanning. This is actually a resize from the original 13000x10200 px image. Just let me know If It needs to be shrunken more.

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    It's fine at this size. You can post anything up to around 4 or 5 megabytes....I can't remember. Of course, if you put mondo files up like that some folks won't take the time to let them load if they are on a smaller bandwidth but that's the limits.
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    Maximum size upload is 4,77 mb.

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    Uhm the second one should be easier to look at- Smaller. I'm going to remake it in CC3 I believe.

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    I really like the layout of this, it's a very good starting point. I, for one, would rather see it done in photoshop (or other, similar software) than in in CC3 - largely because I think going for the hand-drawn, antique look would serve this particular map really well. Either way though, it looks good!

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    Thank you! after Hours in CC3 I made the came to the exact same conclusion.. I suck at CC3 lmao. I can't wait to give this a professional edge. Is there anything Major I need to change about it?
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    I would recommend smoothing out (or roughing up) that flat edge on the nw section - it looks a bit odd. Aside from that, just make sure to use something (compass rose/legend/doodles) to fill in the empty space when you are done - but that's a bit down the road, I guess.

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    ahh! I ran out of Room on that side and finished on the other side, same with the top of the map I finished it on the other part where it would line up on the other hemisphere. that won't happen in the end result. I'll Have a bigger canvas ;p

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