I'm a long time DM and digital battle map maker.

When I moved away from my home town I wanted to keep gaming so I put together some tools (at the time FG1, Winamp+ShoutCast, Dundjinni, and GIMP) and started DM'ing remotely with the same group that used to game together.

It's been over 7 years now and we've been gaming online every week using digital maps that I've mostly made using a combination of Dundjinni and post-processing in GIMP. Some things have been upgraded including FG2 and Skype (remember when the call conference limit was 5 people!? I do.)

I'm excited to see new development in FG2, but saddened to see that most of the Dundjinni replacements haven't gone anywhere. If you're like me and you can write code and are interested in creating a Dundjinni replacement, please PM me.