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Thread: Newbie map maker:)

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    Default Newbie map maker:)

    Hello everybody! I have been scribbling some rough maps for my own story for some years now but only recently have I started to actually make a finished and detailed map and so a google search ended me up here where I hope to learn somthings to improve my maps and be in awe over all the fantastic maps I've seen already I'm mainly a digital worker when it comes to drawing although I do like to draw traditionally I'm not exactly a skilled artist so I think digital is easier to correct when I make mistakes.

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    Welcome to the guild Elflady and feel free to already share your scribbles

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    Be most welcome to our humble abode, MilLady of the Green

    Be it digital or traditional, with caligraphy pens on parchement or crayons on a napkin, if it is a map we want to see it

    If you are looking for help improving your maps, the best place to be looking is the Tutorials forum, and then post your WIPs (Works In Progress) in the appropriate WIP forum. This is where people go to get help and comments that WILL get your map where you want it. Don't be shy about posting what you have, because we are a very friendly group and do not bite in the least, although our "guard dogs" have been known to slobber people every now and then so watch where you place your maps.
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    Thanks for the welcome guys And not to worry I'm very used to slobbering dogs

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