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Thread: January 2013 Entry: The ruins of Ningan/orc worg-lord village

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    Default January 2013 Entry: The ruins of Ningan/orc worg-lord village

    Hi all,
    Decided to try the challenge this month. I've got some time and, well, ruined is my thing.

    Okay. So this is from my fantasy setting. The story, and I'll provide a full one later, is that this was once a town on the southern steppes of Minguo. It's not exactly a unified country...having only held together as a cohesive unit under the First Emperor. When he died, the various factions/geographies of the former nation fell to squabbling in various configurations. They've been doing that for thousands of years. The modern times are known as the Five Kingdoms period. As you might expect, there are five major kingdoms vying for supremacy.

    In the meantime, in the rugged southern steppes of Minguo, the fierce orc worg-lord tribes gather and occasionally raid into the heartlands (when they can stop fighting amongst themselves for long enough). They long ago destroyed the southernmost cities and now hold these lands as their own. The city depicted was once a thriving trading city called Ningan. Well, that was long ago, of course. Now there are just a few crumbling walls, spare paving stones, and bridge abutments still standing. An ork tribe has built its own village amidst the ruins. The tribes leader fancies himself the reincarnation of Krakka Kon...but he's really just a pretender in shabby wolf skins.

    Yeah. So. This is just a rough draft.

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