Hello everyone,

I posted in a thread earlier asking a few questions and then I decided to redo everything again anyways. I was going to try and map out mountains/forests/lakes/rivers and etc on the world map but decided to go against it for a few reasons. So instead I did a bare world map (with just continent/ocean names) and I just finished it up. At least I think it's finished. I'm posting it here and asking for some critique's or tips on what I could do better.

This world map is for a brand new PnP game that I've been developing over the past three years and after a ton of beta tests on it, it's getting close to production stages. So I decided it's finally time to nail down the final iteration of the world that goes a long with the PnP system. The main continent is Avanorn and I will be mapping that out on a bigger scale in the future and then doing regional maps of each of it's regions.

So any tips or complaints would help a great deal.

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